The last two days can see a HUGE boost for Pres. Trump IF he has discipline.
Energy is great. Momentum is great. Just two things, one to avoid and one to do.

Because there may still be people who walk into the booth not 100% certain who to vote for. Seriously. And there may be enough of them to make a difference.

Avoid: Self-harming unhinged statements. Don’t mock people with masks (even Laura Ingraham). Don’t attack doctors. Don’t be dragged into silly name-calling. IT DOES NOT HELP.

We all know the press is just waiting for that. Smart is the name of the game in these crucial days.

DO brag loud and often about the amazing economy. DO dream about how great it will be. DO educate America about your commitment to destroy the virus through medicine, vaccine and testing.

In sales, removing the objections and obstacles is key to closing the sale. These two things get done well and we’re looking at a landslide.



There is a surge of virus in battleground states. Trump administration and campaign silence about it hurts them with voters. Here is something that is needed, regardless of elections, and will give the needed boost.

A Presidential or, better perhaps, Vice-Presidential short video address telling people how they can defeat the virus and stop the spread.

What will it NOT do?
  • The short video will NOT discuss lockdowns, except to say that they are, indeed, worse than the problems.
  • The video address will NOT downplay the virus. No one wants to get it, and that should be a key point.
  • It will NOT focus on the travel ban or the past at all, nor on Biden, Fauci, etc…
What will it YES do?
  • Frame the instructions as “Let’s flatten the curve without a lockdown.” Let’s each do these things and watch the numbers go way down. That’s a winning message with everybody.
  • Teach people about distancing, and mask use when at close quarters and indoors
  • Stress that this is not government’s job, but the job of each citizen to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Recommend: Hand washing whenever touching a public surface (the virus lasts long there) and especially befor touching one’s face.
  • Recommend taking Vitamin D, of course consult with a doctor if using medications. Alternative is 10-15 minutes in sunshine, but not too much.
  • Recommend a ZINC supplement, since Vitamin D and Zinc together really boost immunity.
  • Recommend gargling with mouthwash and using a safe nasal rinse/neti pot/baby soap based nasal rinse. After exposure to other people, and before exposure to protect others.

All of these suggestions are either proven or being researched to have an effect, and are completely safe. Of course any OCD person needs to be careful…

But they give DIRECTION to people, put the lie to the claim that Trump has given up, and show leadership at a time when we need it. It’s a win win, and if Mike Pence, as taskforce chair does it, that would be best.

Today. It takes 10 minutes to do. Just confirm the suggestions with the Drs. Go.



Three daily Presidential Address Videos

Pres. Trump can conquer the polls and win the election big if he uses this last week as he has never done before. Rallies are great, but nationwide attention to just how great a president he will be will seal the deal. Here’s how to do it.

Tell America what you’re going to do, and focus on three areas:

1. Pres. Trump, the economy booster
2. Pres. Trump, the international peacemaker
3. Pres. Trump, the protector of Americans

Produce a short video Address to the People with an important, newsworthy message of leadership.


Address One, Taking Charge of the Corona Fight.
Practical advice and guidance for people to be safe from coronavirus. Information about distancing, when to use a mask, handwashing, taking vitamins and supplements, and so forth. Give the average citizen confidence by giving them things they can do and show you are taking charge. No lockdowns, but not giving up the fight either.

Address Two, Unity and Peace Like Never Before
Trump, the international peacemaker. Stress your Nobel prize nominations, stress the incredible peace treaties you’ve made, and tell us how you’re going to keep putting pressure until humanity comes together. And, you’re going to combat the dangers of Iran, North Korea and whoever else.

Address Three, Prosperity Versus Anarchy. A Winning Plan
Trump, the economy booster. Just explain how you’re going to lift everyone up. The best line of the debate was, in my opinion, “success will bring us together.”

Release these messages in the morning, in the style of a presidential Address to the Nation. Urge all of your supporters to share the video, so it goes super viral. That becomes the theme of the day.



One more.

Because of the media censorship, Adam Schiff’s “We know that“s and the narrative that the Russians planted the laptop (!!!), most swayables really don’t know or take seriously this scandal.

So, Mr. President, looking straight at the camera, please tell the story, the whole story, starting with the proof that the laptop is, indeed, Hunter’s. Don’t assume people know. They really don’t. I speak to them all the time.

Then refer them to the website, and let your surrogates hammer it home.

Please avoid appearing to badger Biden. It only helps him. Smart is better than right.



Spoiler alert: KILLER line to be used later on in this article.
  • I know how many times you’ve condemned the supremacists.
  • I know that you truly see a colorblind world as an ideal.
  • I know that you have been slandered on this repeatedly.
  • I get it. And you’re recent clear statements are great.

But here’s a game-changer. Don’t just repeat “I condemn white supremacists, etc..” Go WAY past that and make your own I have a dream speech:
Go over their heads and Lead. Educate America about why racism is evil, what YOU believe, and what have done and will do about it. Show how it tears us apart, and how we need to come together.
Brag about the changes you proclaimed after Floyd. Share YOUR dream about police and citizens coming together to transform these communities.
Definitely invoke MLK, and quote him on not judging people “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Proclaim that THAT is your philosophy too, always has been.
And, here’s the killer line:

My opponent Joe Biden sees African Americans as “votes.” I see them as Americans!

Americans with dreams, who want safety in THEIR communities, who want OPPORTUNITIES, who want prosperity.

My opponent thinks he owns your votes. I’m committed to earning your votes, by creating opportunity zones, by giving you the chance to build your own American Dream.
My opponent thinks you’re all the same. I know you are, like all Americans, of different opinions, faiths, roots.
It’s no coincidence that so many are joining our movement. We’re here for YOU, not the other way around.