It’s past time for a movie. An instant movie, ASAP.
The story of the media coup and the election fraud MUST be told, and quickly.

The man to do it is Dinesh D’Souza.

It may not change a thing regarding who will be in the Oval Office on January 21st, but, at this point, it doesn’t seem that anything will.
I wish that we could find out conclusively that no fraud happened, and that the published results are fair. I wish.

But I doubt it. The statistical evidence, the eye-witness testimony, it’s all just way too much to ignore. I’ve lost respect for people who give facile dismissals, “There’s no evidence .. conspiracy theory, etc..”
There is a higher value here, even than the Presidency. Even higher than the politics. And that higher value is:


Early or late, whether it makes a difference in the current results or not, the Truth must be heard, the Story must be told.

Dinesh, you own this niche. NOW IS THE TIME. Talk to the great Rudy Giuliani. Tell the story clearly, convincingly, truthfully. Give us the facts, and give them in such structure and detail that no fair minded person could ignore it. Make history.

Protect The Country

It seems that Joe is a placeholder for Kamala. Going after Hunter is important too, but when the majority of the country and the world finally see clearly how they are an illegitimate administration, their freedom of movement is hindered, and the next election will finally be fair, accurate, and healing.

Oh, and tell us if there’s a China connection. Seems hard to believe there’s not.



Excite Georgia voters by casting it as a redo of the presidential election

Many people in Georgia may feel that it’s a waste of time to vote. They look at the presidential election, they hear all of the fraud, and like me, they doubt that the system is fair. Why bother? Isn’t it rigged?

The Whole Situation Can Be Saved by the Voters in Georgia

Look at how motivated the Democrats are! They are willing to stop at nothing to steal the Georgia Senate seats. They are going to flood the state with mail-in ballots, relying on the fact that it would be too much for election officials to verify. They are calling for thousands of people to move to Georgia just to vote, a felony!

Tell me they don’t do election fraud. Right.

The Solution Is to Expose It All

The only reason truth is doing so poorly is because not enough people are shouting it from the rooftops. As we hear from the CNN tapes, the media has declared itself the enemy of the truth.

That is why every single Georgia Republican or Republican sympathizer voter MUST go out and vote. There should be two goals:

Create such a landslide victory that the Senate is protected and that PROVES that Donald Trump really won the race.
To force the cheaters out into the open so that they will be caught.

Vote Overwhelmingly for Loeffler and Perdue and Prove That Trump Won!

That is the strategy. When Pres. Trump visits Georgia on Saturday, he should proclaim loudly and clearly that a vote for the Republican candidates for Senate will show the world what Georgia really wanted in the presidential election as well.

Make that the theme, and then Truth will have a fighting chance.



(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and any medical recommendations here are only quoting things reported in the news from research. Use at your own responsibility, consult your physician and do the safe thing always.)

Everyone is expecting their President to look what they call “Presidential.” It is not in the job description, but it is in everyone’s mind. And it is in the President’s interest. As a crucial vote looms in Georgia, and the vote challenges loom across the country, and the 2024 election is already on people’s minds, something else is looming:

The Corona Virus is Back, Arghhhh

Cases have skyrocketed, fatalities have been creeping up, and things are getting more dangerous as we move indoors. Lockdowns are an awful solution, causing more problems than they solve. They are a bandage that can cause other infections. Bad. There is a vaccine, but until then, we need action NOW. While you are President, fix this.

We need to hear from the President and Drs. Birx and, yes, Fauci

What is needed now is Education. Tell all Americans in hot zones how they can take personal responsibility to
  1. Not get the virus
  2. Not give the virus to someone else
Besides avoiding crowds, especially indoors, there are things research show to help. Consult your physician first, of course.
  1. Vitamin D and reasonable sunlight
  2. Zinc
  3. Gargle with mouthwash after coming in contact with others in an uncontrolled situation
  4. Neti pot or SAFE nasal rinse for same
  5. Hand and face washing when returning home
  6. Keeping surfaces clean
  7. Masks if you need to be in closed places or close quarters, although they are not 100%, every bit counts
And, wherever possible, even if you feel fine, get tested and be careful with quarantines. None of these things involves a lockdown or closing schools or businesses. They just require personal care and attention.

If the President will hold a couple of conferences like this, to educate, it will be a big winner. Huge!



Imagine that you were not President, but that you were given the opportunity to be President for two months.

What would you do?

I’m not conceding anything, and you do not need to either. The opposite, we ALL need to know that the election was fair and where it wasn’t, to see it corrected. So please let the legal processes work their way out. We may be surprised!

But in any case, you are still President for 2+ months. Will you spend it fighting the election? Or will you spend it doing what you so amazingly well – solve problems?

We have a shocking wave of Covid right now. Can you leave all the election stuff to others and quickly find a non-lockdown solution to the virus? I will post some ideas shortly, but you have an awesome Task Force, with VP Pence. Can you please focus on it and lead us out of this mess? Two months can be a tough time.

And if you succeed, well THAT is the best revenge. Seriously!

And one other thing. The Middle East would like some more peace treaties, please. Thanks. Go for that Nobel Peace Prize. THAT is sweet revenge too.



As follows:

I am very grateful for the love and support of so many Americans. In my heart I feel that you have given me your confidence for another four years of making America great.

But the election results, as they stand today, seem to indicate that my opponent won. If that is, indeed, the case, I would have no problem conceding. After all, the will of the American People is paramount.

However, this election proved so close, and there have been many, many credible reports of miscounting, lost ballots, unverified ballots, poll watcher intimidation, and more.


To HEAL our nation, we must know what the will of the people really was. I do not wish to continue as your President if I did not win the election, and I am sure Joe Biden would not want to ascend to the office if HE was not fairly elected.

Therefore I am confident that all of us will agree that recounting the votes in places where there is a close count and too many indications of mishandled counts will give the American People confidence in our electoral system.

We wish to see a bipartisan, properly supervised recount and investigation of all questionable ballots and in all areas where the vote was within the margin of error.

I do not wish to be elected in a fraudulent election, and neither does Joe Biden. This is too important to be a partisan issue. Our democracy is at stake. We should come together on this.

I call upon the American People to be patient while we show respect for every voter and properly count the votes in an orderly and truthful manner, with proper oversight.