The Impeachment Blessing and Opportunity


Yes, this can actually be a blessing in disguise, if handled well. I continue to think that the President’s communications abilities are not his strong point. Here is how he can hit it out of the park and make his case in the last week of his administration.

1. An apology and a heart-to-heart with members of Congress.

I doubt he will be invited to address them, at least not in the House. Perhaps the Senate. And if not, he should invite the GOP Senators, and anyone who wishes, to the White House.

He needs to not explain, but to own the fact that his rally and his words gave cover for the criminals who stormed the Congress. He needs to say “I’m sorry,” and admit that he should have, but didn’t, see it coming.

2. He needs to have his lawyers present the evidence that led him to believe the election was stolen.

Again, I don’t know if this is allowed as part of the procedure, but it seems to me that this evidence is germane. After all, part of the Impeachment Articles are that he denied the election results! Prove that he had a reasonable cause to have doubts about it.

Especially because now, it will be in front of the whole country and world. This is the Day in Court you wanted, Mr. President.

3. Very publicly initiate a DOJ investigation of the Proud Boys and all in the insurrectionist movement.

Not just for politics, but for America. There is a real threat here, and it must be stopped. They look to Trump for their motivation. He needs to attack them directly. Yes, attack.
Because THEY are the ones who did this to HIM by their actions. The President has a habit of taking stuff personally and needing to respond .. well he needs to respond to these groups by name now.