The Secret of the Most Important 12 Days of the Trump Presidency


Talk about stepping in it.. the President’s communication imprecision was lethal this time. Of course he never wanted this to happen, and it probably would have happened whatever he said. Nonetheless, even his aides are jumping ship. His legacy is not in tatters, but in “teeters.” His day-after statement was perfect, and can be a turning point in a train-wrecked week.

What to do now?

My counsel for the President is the following 5 points:

1. Defend and Praise your Republican supporters who are now critical of you. (I don’t mean Romney and the Nevers.) But from the luke-warmers to the angrier ones. Make public statements stating that you appreciate their support and hard work, and understand their frustration, and thank them for their candor. And leave it at that. Oh, and a full apology and reconciliation with Mike Pence.
Included in that would be to show your humanity and self awareness. Some regret for not seeing where it could lead will do amazing things for you. Being deeply saddened by the loss of life is a requirement of being a human.

2. Continue your Presidential work as if it’s the middle of 2018, with important things that need YOU to do them. This includes fixing the vaccines deployment bugs. It includes getting a new stimulus signed by you. It includes finishing any policy moves that have been neglected. And be very public and professional about it.

3. Order an investigation into the groups that instigated the riot. Take action against the Proud Boys and the hateful antisemitic thugs who were on full display.

4. Create a Presidential Commission to investigate election fraud. Just because Wednesday happened doesn’t mean funny business didn’t happen in the election. Don’t roll over and play dead, but do it with class, grace and in a way that no fair person could object to.

5. Treat Joe Biden as if he were member of your cabinet. Update him on all your policy actions now. His approval is not needed, but you will gain by being super gracious. And besides, for better or for worse, he will become President. We need him to succeed. Invite him to the White House and have a full press conference.

Please do these things and keep on communicating ONLY positive things. Make the people calling for the 25th Ammendment feel like the idiots they are by being super-Presidential up to and at the Inauguration.