How to Turn Justice Into the Most Viewed Show This Year?


The Secret to Saving the Election and Skyrocketing Your Ratings

Judge Jeanine, you are a judge. Turn your show into a courtroom and let's have a trial.

Yes. I think people would be riveted to their screens.

  • Put the election on trial. Have Giuliani, or Peter Navarro, or someone in the know, be the prosecution.
  • Invite a witness or two.
  • But have someone from the other side to cross-examine.

Let's really get at the truth.
Let America see the proof of fraud, and see how it holds up, and really understand. I'm tired of hearing from each side how wrong/evil/dangerous the other is. Let's get the facts out there. I'm convinced there was massive corruption here, but lots of people aren't.

This could save our democracy too

Even if it won't change a thing, the truth needs to come out, sooner rather than later. But later is still better than nothing, otherwise we're in deep you-know-what.
If the courts won't do it, YOU can do it.