Dinesh D'Souza and This Movie


It’s past time for a movie. An instant movie, ASAP.
The story of the media coup and the election fraud MUST be told, and quickly.

The man to do it is Dinesh D’Souza.

It may not change a thing regarding who will be in the Oval Office on January 21st, but, at this point, it doesn’t seem that anything will.
I wish that we could find out conclusively that no fraud happened, and that the published results are fair. I wish.

But I doubt it. The statistical evidence, the eye-witness testimony, it’s all just way too much to ignore. I’ve lost respect for people who give facile dismissals, “There’s no evidence .. conspiracy theory, etc..”
There is a higher value here, even than the Presidency. Even higher than the politics. And that higher value is:


Early or late, whether it makes a difference in the current results or not, the Truth must be heard, the Story must be told.

Dinesh, you own this niche. NOW IS THE TIME. Talk to the great Rudy Giuliani. Tell the story clearly, convincingly, truthfully. Give us the facts, and give them in such structure and detail that no fair minded person could ignore it. Make history.

Protect The Country

It seems that Joe is a placeholder for Kamala. Going after Hunter is important too, but when the majority of the country and the world finally see clearly how they are an illegitimate administration, their freedom of movement is hindered, and the next election will finally be fair, accurate, and healing.

Oh, and tell us if there’s a China connection. Seems hard to believe there’s not.