Amazing Solution: Protect the Senate and the President


Excite Georgia voters by casting it as a redo of the presidential election

Many people in Georgia may feel that it’s a waste of time to vote. They look at the presidential election, they hear all of the fraud, and like me, they doubt that the system is fair. Why bother? Isn’t it rigged?

The Whole Situation Can Be Saved by the Voters in Georgia

Look at how motivated the Democrats are! They are willing to stop at nothing to steal the Georgia Senate seats. They are going to flood the state with mail-in ballots, relying on the fact that it would be too much for election officials to verify. They are calling for thousands of people to move to Georgia just to vote, a felony!

Tell me they don’t do election fraud. Right.

The Solution Is to Expose It All

The only reason truth is doing so poorly is because not enough people are shouting it from the rooftops. As we hear from the CNN tapes, the media has declared itself the enemy of the truth.

That is why every single Georgia Republican or Republican sympathizer voter MUST go out and vote. There should be two goals:

Create such a landslide victory that the Senate is protected and that PROVES that Donald Trump really won the race.
To force the cheaters out into the open so that they will be caught.

Vote Overwhelmingly for Loeffler and Perdue and Prove That Trump Won!

That is the strategy. When Pres. Trump visits Georgia on Saturday, he should proclaim loudly and clearly that a vote for the Republican candidates for Senate will show the world what Georgia really wanted in the presidential election as well.

Make that the theme, and then Truth will have a fighting chance.