Coronavirus Press Conference With This Solution


(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and any medical recommendations here are only quoting things reported in the news from research. Use at your own responsibility, consult your physician and do the safe thing always.)

Everyone is expecting their President to look what they call “Presidential.” It is not in the job description, but it is in everyone’s mind. And it is in the President’s interest. As a crucial vote looms in Georgia, and the vote challenges loom across the country, and the 2024 election is already on people’s minds, something else is looming:

The Corona Virus is Back, Arghhhh

Cases have skyrocketed, fatalities have been creeping up, and things are getting more dangerous as we move indoors. Lockdowns are an awful solution, causing more problems than they solve. They are a bandage that can cause other infections. Bad. There is a vaccine, but until then, we need action NOW. While you are President, fix this.

We need to hear from the President and Drs. Birx and, yes, Fauci

What is needed now is Education. Tell all Americans in hot zones how they can take personal responsibility to
  1. Not get the virus
  2. Not give the virus to someone else
Besides avoiding crowds, especially indoors, there are things research show to help. Consult your physician first, of course.
  1. Vitamin D and reasonable sunlight
  2. Zinc
  3. Gargle with mouthwash after coming in contact with others in an uncontrolled situation
  4. Neti pot or SAFE nasal rinse for same
  5. Hand and face washing when returning home
  6. Keeping surfaces clean
  7. Masks if you need to be in closed places or close quarters, although they are not 100%, every bit counts
And, wherever possible, even if you feel fine, get tested and be careful with quarantines. None of these things involves a lockdown or closing schools or businesses. They just require personal care and attention.

If the President will hold a couple of conferences like this, to educate, it will be a big winner. Huge!