Mr. President, Imagine This...


Imagine that you were not President, but that you were given the opportunity to be President for two months.

What would you do?

I’m not conceding anything, and you do not need to either. The opposite, we ALL need to know that the election was fair and where it wasn’t, to see it corrected. So please let the legal processes work their way out. We may be surprised!

But in any case, you are still President for 2+ months. Will you spend it fighting the election? Or will you spend it doing what you so amazingly well – solve problems?

We have a shocking wave of Covid right now. Can you leave all the election stuff to others and quickly find a non-lockdown solution to the virus? I will post some ideas shortly, but you have an awesome Task Force, with VP Pence. Can you please focus on it and lead us out of this mess? Two months can be a tough time.

And if you succeed, well THAT is the best revenge. Seriously!

And one other thing. The Middle East would like some more peace treaties, please. Thanks. Go for that Nobel Peace Prize. THAT is sweet revenge too.