A Presidential Statement on Election Recounts


As follows:

I am very grateful for the love and support of so many Americans. In my heart I feel that you have given me your confidence for another four years of making America great.

But the election results, as they stand today, seem to indicate that my opponent won. If that is, indeed, the case, I would have no problem conceding. After all, the will of the American People is paramount.

However, this election proved so close, and there have been many, many credible reports of miscounting, lost ballots, unverified ballots, poll watcher intimidation, and more.


To HEAL our nation, we must know what the will of the people really was. I do not wish to continue as your President if I did not win the election, and I am sure Joe Biden would not want to ascend to the office if HE was not fairly elected.

Therefore I am confident that all of us will agree that recounting the votes in places where there is a close count and too many indications of mishandled counts will give the American People confidence in our electoral system.

We wish to see a bipartisan, properly supervised recount and investigation of all questionable ballots and in all areas where the vote was within the margin of error.

I do not wish to be elected in a fraudulent election, and neither does Joe Biden. This is too important to be a partisan issue. Our democracy is at stake. We should come together on this.

I call upon the American People to be patient while we show respect for every voter and properly count the votes in an orderly and truthful manner, with proper oversight.